The Man Behind The Weld

March 14, 2013

Frank Andrews is a man who works with purpose and pride. As a TIG welder in the Godfrey Pontoons facility since 1982, Frank literally builds the boat’s foundation, joining the seams of the aluminum tubes, and adding the keels, splash fins and saddle brackets. In fact, it’s skilled craftsmen like Frank that allow us offer the best warranties in the industry, and give you such a dependable high-and-dry ride. 

But that’s not the only foundation that Frank is responsible for building. As the pastor of Calvary Praise & Worship Center, Rev. Frank stays pretty busy on the weekends as well, leading his congregation of around 150 members. It’s a calling he heard as a young man, around the time he was learning the welding trade. And he says there are definitely similarities in the way he approaches both of his occupations. 

For Frank, it all comes down to the joy found in a job well done, whether it’s a church member encouraged or a metal seam perfectly united. Because when you work hard and strive for excellence in everything you do, the result can be amazing. It’s a philosophy that runs through Godfrey Pontoons because of Frank and the dedicated men and women that work next to him. It’s a creed that says we will do everything we can to make the next boat our best ever. Because that boat might be yours. And around here, that means something.