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  1. Best Pontoon Boat Rentals
February 01, 2023

Best Pontoon Boat Rentals

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Looking for pontoon boat rentals near you? Learn more about our pontoon boat rentals and find out how to rent a pontoon boat today.


Best Pontoon Boat Rentals


For those who love to be out on the water but don’t own a boat, or on vacation and thus separated from their boat, there’s another option, renting. There’s no better boat to rent for a day of fun out on the water than a pontoon boat, which can hold many passengers for a cruise, watersports or act as the perfect platform for fishing.



Pontoon Boat Rental Locations


If you’re close to a body of water, chances are pretty good that there’s a pontoon boat rental location near you. All it takes to find one is some quick research about the location and if there aren’t dedicated rental locations or local boat clubs, a dealer may be able to help or point you in the right direction.


Lake Waconia Pontoon Rentals


Just southwest of the Twin Cities, you can visit Your Boat Club for Lake Waconia pontoon boat rentals on a 3,080-acre body of water. It’s perfect for a watersports enthusiast, or to see the local sites like Lola’s Lake House or Coney Island of the West.


Alexandria Chain of Lakes Pontoon Rentals


There’s a number of places that offer Alexandria Chain of Lakes pontoon boat rentals, including Lake Darling Resort. You can choose which lake to explore, including Lake Carlos and Lake Homme Dieu, and you’ll have plenty of space for you and your family to explore and enjoy the nearby beaches.


Gull Lake Pontoon Rentals


Beloved for its amazing restaurants, Brainerd, Minnesota hosts Powerlodge Adventures where you can rent a pontoon from us. Check out Gull Lake pontoon boat rentals on the largest local body of water and a known watersports paradise.


Lake Pleasant Pontoon Rentals


Get out of the desert heat in Peoria, Arizona on this 10,000-acre oasis and explore Lake Pleasant pontoon boat rentals. With an average depth of 70 feet, Lake Pleasant is popular for fishing, scuba diving, and watersports. Keep an eye on the shore for wild burros!



How to Rent a Pontoon Boat


Generally speaking, renting a pontoon boat is fairly easy. Once the research about where to get one is complete, all it takes is to call or book online. Be prepared to pay a deposit, and be sure that you’re comfortable with the boat you rent and the place you’re going.


Visit Our Adventures Site


Probably the easiest place to book a pontoon rental would be our Adventures site. You can view Godfrey rentals, browse available locations, check pricing, and complete your reservation right from the comfort of your own home!


Find a Pontoon Boat Rental Location Near You


If you’re looking for a more specific spot where you know you’ll be vacationing, or if you’re looking for pontoon boat rentals near you, it’s not difficult to fulfill those needs. You can use an online tool to help pinpoint locations near you and choose the one with the best deals. 



Different Types of Pontoon Boat Rentals


When you rent a pontoon, you may have some options to choose from, such as what fun accessories you can add to your rental package or what gear of your own you should bring. In addition, the boat itself might also come with a few options, including size and style.


Luxury Pontoon Boats


The category of “luxury” is all about the comfort of the boat, though these types of boats can serve in many different capacities on the water. Typically, luxury pontoons will differ from more conventional models by containing upmarket amenities such as higher end helms, convertible sunbeds, or larger watersports platforms. If these features sound valuable, it might be worth renting a luxury pontoon boat.


Fishing Pontoon Boats


Fishing is the number one activity for many people. Luckily, many pontoon boats are built specifically with this in mind. Fishing pontoons will come with all of the typical accessories seen on a different kind of fishing boat, including swiveling seats, livewells and rod rests. For those to whom fishing is the priority, be on the lookout for those features!


Family Pontoon Boats ​


Pontoon boats are, in essence, the perfect design for having a lot of people on board. They’re wide, with a flat deck, allowing for a lot of socializing and fun. If you’re looking to fit a large family on board, hoping to indulge in a day of cruising and fun in the water, a pontoon boat with a slightly larger size – and thus, capacity – might be the right choice.