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Godfrey Construction

Built to Last

There are plenty of pontoon manufacturers out there today, but how many can say they've been building boats for over half a century? Godfrey Pontoon Boats introduced the first all-aluminum pontoon boat, Sanpan, at the Chicago Boat Show in 1958.

As the recognized leader in quality, innovation and styling, Godfrey Pontoons continues to set the standard for design, construction and innovation. In fact, Godfrey pioneered many of the systems that have become industry standards. With over 60 years of experience, we work hard to build boats that will be part of your family for years to come.

Tubes and Saddle Brackets minimize racking on a godfrey pontoon

Tubes and Saddle Brackets

Larger saddle brackets create stronger contact with the tube and minimize racking even in rough water. Combined with our chambered tubes, you get a structurally sound deck that maximizes performance.

heavy-guage extruded spray rail on a godfrey pontoon

Heavy-Gauge Extruded Spray Rail

Our tubes are outfitted with oversized, heavy-duty, extruded spray rails. Their concave shape channels water down, away from the interior of the boat and your passengers, to keep your ride smooth and dry.

Full-length channel-rubrail on a godfrey pontoon

Full-Length F-Channel Rubrail

The thickness and shape of the rubrail creates a durable deck-edge finish that protects your boat from dock rash and dings.

Deutsch electrical connectors on a godfrey pontoon

Deutsch Electrical Connectors

Water-resistant, plug-and-play connectors protect your components and make it easy to add or replace accessories.

Sealed transom on a godfrey pontoon

Sealed Transom

Our sealed transoms take the worry out of your boating experience. Built to last and support the Lifetime Structural Warranty.

extruded C-Chanels on a godfrey pontoon


Our centered, heavy-duty, oversized, and extruded C-Channels create the integrity and durability of the deck structure.

large footprint lifting strakes on a godfrey pontoon

Large-Footprint Lifting Strakes

Our larger strakes give you quicker planing to maximize efficiency and minimize drag.

fully anodized rails on a godfrey pontoon

Fully Anodized Rails

This process eliminates streaking that can be caused by unprotected welds.

Rail skins with fluted design on a godfrey pontoon

Rail skins with Fluted Design

Our rail skins are fluted like corrugated boxes for added strength, impact-damage resistance, and a quiet, rattle-free ride.