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  1. Best Boat Snacks for the Pontoon
January 16, 2023

Best Boat Snacks for the Pontoon

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When getting ready for a full day out on the water in your pontoon boat, the most important thing to bring along – besides sunscreen and water – is food. Nothing can add more to your fun than tasty treats. Here are some ideas for pontoon boat food to bring along.


Good Boat Snacks


The yummiest food should be your first priority, especially if you have kids on board. Something filling and delicious can really enhance those summer days while you cruise and play, working up an appetite, and these are some of the best options out there.


1. Homemade Sandwiches


Nothing is simpler than a homemade sandwich. Easy to make, these can last all day, especially if you have a cooler on board. And whether it’s made with meat or peanut butter, it’s sure to be a hit.


2. Cheese and Crackers


A party classic and a kid-friendly classic, cheese and crackers is a winner every time. This will require a cooler for the cheese, but it’ll be sure to fill hungry bellies and fuel your next adventure.


3. Chips and Dip


Another long-time favorite for every kind of gathering, chips and dip is a great option that doesn’t require much preparation or storage. Plus, with so many varieties out there of each, there’s sure to be something for everyone.


4. Skewers or Kabobs


If your pontoon boat has a grill, making kabobs will be a cinch. If not, making them ahead and bringing them along will be even easier. Whether you prefer veggies or Greek chicken, kabobs are a summery classic, that are guaranteed to impress your passengers.



Easy Boat Snacks


Maybe your day on the lake was a last-minute decision, or maybe it just stopped raining and you want to get out there as fast as possible. Whatever the reason, it may be that you want to bring the fastest, easiest food you can possibly find. Below are some finger food ideas for your day out on your pontoon boat.


1. Pretzels


The salty, beloved classic, pretzels are perfect to bring along on your lake day. They won’t melt or get too warm, and you can even dip them if you bring dip along. They even come in smaller or bigger bags depending on your needs, and they’re easy to just throw in your bag and go.


2. Granola Bars


The definition of grab-and-go snacks, granola bars come in so many different flavors that you can bring just a few along and still have enough for everyone to get their favorite. Whether they come with chocolate, nuts or a gooey fruit center, they’ll provide a perfect punch of nutrition in the middle of the day.


3. Goldfish


A staple for generations of children, Goldfish are fun to eat. They even float! And since their packages come in so many different sizes, you can always bring the right amount for what you want.


4. Popcorn


The ultimate moviegoing snack is also perfect for the day out on your pontoon boat. Light and super easy to transport, popcorn can be made ahead of time – or you can even just pick up premade popcorn from the grocery store.


5. Cookies


Who doesn’t love a little something sweet? A burst of sugar from a delicious cookie can be the difference between a good day and a great one. Whether homemade or store-bought, this snack is always a hit.



Healthy Boat Snacks


For health-conscious boaters, whether you’re trying to look out for your kids or yourself, bringing food along for a day on your pontoon boat can be tough. Food that’s light to carry and good for your body can be hard to find. Luckily for you, there are some ideas to make your day out healthy and fun.


1. Pasta Salad


A favorite in warm months, pasta salad is light, summery and not at all hard to make. You can include whatever veggies and other add-ons you want, and all you need to bring on board is a good container and some forks.


2. Trail Mix


The classic snack for hikers, trail mix is great for keeping up your energy throughout the day. Plus, it’s not at all difficult to make yourself, so you can put whatever nuts and sweets your heart desires. It’s a breeze to section out your trail mix so everyone gets to share.


3. Veggies & Dip


Good and good for you – veggies and dip are some of the healthiest snacks out there. You may want to think about a cooler for this one, especially if you intend to be out on the water all day, but that’s a small price to pay for some crunchy, delicious goodness.


4. Fresh Fruit


Fruit is nature’s source of healthy, natural sugar. Another great snack to keep in a cooler, fruit is always going to be a hit on your boat. With so many kinds and everyone having their own favorite, you could even think about a fruit salad if you really want to go all out.


Storing Your Snacks


When preparing for a boating trip, you’ll want to carefully store your snacks to ensure freshness and prevent any mishaps. Having your goodies in an accessible location on the pontoon is key, here are some options for portable storage on your next ride.




When it comes to enjoying a day out on the water, having a reliable way to keep your snacks fresh and chilled is essential. That’s where coolers come in, offering convenient and practical solution for storing your favorite treats during your boating adventures.


Dry Bag


A dry bag is perfect for packing your cold beverages and snacks for a long day on the water. The Ogio Day Dry Bag should be a go-to for your next trip, with multiple grip handles providing easy access and PVC lined bottom compartment with moisture lock gasket adds structure for an easy clean up.