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Sweetwater Xperience Split Bench

Kick back, relax and take in your surroundings aboard one of our Sweetwater Xperience Split Bench models. Enjoy every minute with your favorite people and make memories to last a lifetime for years to come.

Starting at $45,625 CA MSRP

Unbelievable Versatility

Meet the Sweetwater Xperience Split Bench. No gimmicks, no compromises, just pure, enduring Godfrey quality on a boat that delivers everything you need and nothing you don't.

Built to last.

Built to last.

Sweetwater Xperience 2286 SBX
  • Overall Length

    22' 11"

  • Passengers


  • Max HP


Standard Package Specifications

Sweetwater Xperience 2286 SBX

Starting at $45,625 CA MSRP
22' 11" overall length, Split Bench


Features And Options

man sitting in the captain's chair on a godfrey Sweetwater Xperience split bench pontoon

Captain Of The Water

With our Captain's Chair, everyone will want to claim the best seat on the water! You'll love swiveling, sliding, and reclining from the best seat in the house. We don't blame you- we'd do the same thing.

family enjoying the lake with their godfrey Sweetwater Xperience split bench pontoon

Family Time On The Water

Enjoy every last second with your favorite people aboard our Sweetwater Xperience Split Bench model. Lasting memories and smiles from ear to ear come standard.

family sitting at the table on their godfrey Sweetwater Xperience split bench pontoon

Room For Everyone At The Table

Enjoy your favorite company anywhere, anytime and make social hour a must on your Godfrey Sweetwater Xperience Split Bench. Memories that last a lifetime with our favorite people are only made better when there's room for everyone on board.

fusion stereo system on a godfrey Sweetwater Xperience split bench pontoon

Turn up the Music

Blast your favorite jams with our Fusion Stereo System. Blending modern performance with classic styling, you won't want to kick back and turn up the volume anywhere else.

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