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  1. Best Boat Accessories for Your Pontoon
January 16, 2023

Best Boat Accessories for Your Pontoon

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In the sometimes complex process of buying a new pontoon boat, it’s possible to lose the whole point of why you wanted it in the first place – on the water fun! One of the most important and exciting parts of this process is outfitting your boat with the accessories you’ll need to enhance your experience. Some of these are essentials, while others are all about maximizing your enjoyment.


Basic Pontoon Accessories


The basics are the type of necessities that any pontoon boat owner will need to ensure the long-term health and longevity of their boat. In addition, some accessories are necessary to provide safety for you and your passengers.


Pontoon Boat Covers


It can pay to cover up your boat, regardless of the weather in your location. Having one can help protect it from all sorts of wear and tear, including from pests, falling leaves or debris, construction dust and rain. The most important aspect of selecting a cover is ensuring it fits your boat correctly, so as not to leave gaps that may allow damaging elements to creep in.


Pontoon Boat Seat Covers


Like a cover for your whole boat, covering up your pontoon boat’s seats can help maintain their long-term wellbeing. These can go a long way to protecting the material of your boat seats from fading, weathering, staining or damage and keep them looking like new for years to come.


Pontoon Boat Fenders


Avoiding scratches and dings on your brand-new pontoon boat is a high priority on every boat owner’s list. Fenders are vital for safe docking and long-term marina storage, providing cushion and preventing the boat from impacting a dock, another boat or anything else close by that could cause damage.


Pontoon Boat Lights


Lights are essential for safety on the water and are required by law almost everywhere to boost visibility for and facilitate safe marine traffic. That doesn’t mean lighting your pontoon boat has to be boring – once you ensure you have the lighting that’s required by law, you can explore fun types of lighting such as colorful LEDs and underwater lighting to take your boating experience to the next level.


Pontoon Boat Flag & Mount


While not strictly necessary for safety or protecting your pontoon boat, it is customary and very common to fly the national or courtesy flag on all types of recreational boats. It’s very easy to first check if your boat comes with a flag mount. If not, you can easily mount a staff-pole and the flag will be ready for the next time you’re out on the water.  



Pontoon Accessories for Activities


Since the focus is on having fun you should think about what accessories are needed for how you want to use your boat and what activities you plan to partake in. Once you know what you want to do, finding the right add-ons should be easy.


Pontoon Rod Holders


If you plan to do a lot of fishing, or if you specifically have a fishing pontoon boat, there are many accessories make it easier. One of these is a rod holder for each angler – an assistant to help keep fishing rods right where you want them. These are sold in many sizes to match your equipment and can be mounted with ease. There are also an assortment of rod and tackle storage systems to hold your gear when not in use.


Pontoon Tow Bar


For many boaters, sports like waterskiing, wakeboarding and tubing are the name of the game. Mounting a tow bar is necessary to take advantage of these activities and have the best time possible. Some sport pontoon boats may come with a tow bar already attached, but if that’s not the case, there are many affordable options out there for you.


Pontoon Slide


What’s lake life without a slide? If you’ve got kids that love to splash around in the lake, a slide is a great option to enhance the experience. Many pontoon boats come with slides as a built-in accessory, but if your boat does not have one, there are many kinds of pontoon slides, from those made of fiberglass to inflatable styles. Be sure to see what options your manufacturer has to decide what’s best for you and your family.


Pontoon Diving Board


Another great swimming option is a diving board, for jumps and tricks. There are many great options from fixed to storable to make sure you have the most fun summer ever.


Floating Foam Mat


Yet one last accessory to improve the swimming experience is a floating foam mat. These sit on the water and make for a surface for kids and adults alike to spread out, play games and soak up the sun. Plus, many of them roll up for easy storage on the deck and quick transportation. The Godfrey Reef 85 Mat is a good option to hold several people on, or the Godfrey Hex Mat if you are hosting a party!



Cool Pontoon Boat Accessories


The best kind accessory for your pontoon boat is the one that takes the experience to the next level and makes you the coolest boat owner on the water. These can be food-related, items for improved convenience or even something to boost the party atmosphere out on the water.


Pontoon Boat Grill


Not having to go ashore for lunch or dinner can make for a nice long cruise or a great way to entertain. Having a grill on board will make it possible to prepare pontoon boat food – you can cook and eat without ever having to leave the water. There are an assortment of sizes and styles which can be mounted on your pontoon boat for added convenience. Don’t forget the cooler!


Pontoon Boat Bar


Want to entertain all your friends on board your pontoon boat? Adding a bar can be a nice touch to help guests relax with a cool beverage. Some styles are larger than others, meant to be placed on the deck, while smaller models can be folded away for easier storage. Just be sure to enjoy responsibly and be careful out there.


Pontoon Cup Holders


The ultimate in convenience features that you can never have too many of? Cup holders! Not having to hold your drink all the time to keep it safe and upright will make your life so much easier while underway or at play. Many boats come with these built in, particularly into seats, arm rests and at the helm station, but if you find the need for more, there are moveable cup holders that can be easily added to your boat and made specifically for your pontoon


Pontoon Boat Speakers


While you’re exploring on the lake, the one thing that always turns a cruise into a party? Music! Most pontoons come with speakers built in, but again, if you need more for the perfect on the water soundtrack, there are always more you can add to truly have a blast. Just make sure you buy waterproof and marine-grade speakers that are suited to the environment and the motion of a boat.


Pontoon Boat Bathroom


Going ashore for bathroom breaks can be the most inconvenient part of a day spent boating. Some pontoon boats come with bathrooms and some offer them as an upgrade. It is a worthwhile investment for the convenience and comfort of your guest to upgrade and make it possible for you to go when you gotta go.