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2021 Godfrey Pontoon Boats Lineup


Designed to bring people together in style, the LX is your new high-class hangout on the water. Overflowing with state-of-the-art amenities, advanced comfort technology, and immaculately crafted touches, the LX looks and performs like something you've never seen before.


Exquisite design, unparalleled performance and the pinnacle of premium. At just over 28’ with 13-passenger capability, the Godfrey LX is for those who aspire for more.

Sanpan pontoons offer peak performance and elegance for those who desire the most refined on-the-water experience.

Sanpan Split Bench

Stretch out and relax with bow and stern lounge seating available in 25 and 28-foot lengths complemented by co-captain’s chairs in an open-deck design.

Sanpan Lounge

All-new smooth, dynamic styling and first-class interior in lengths from 25 and 28-feet with capacity up to 17 people makes Lounge the perfect place to gather with friends.

Sanpan Windshield

Always moving, our Sanpan Windshield models are available in a 3-tube, 28-foot configuration and deliver port-to-starboard wind protection.


The Xpress is an extreme pontoon experience with swift, sophisticated handling with our exclusive GTP™ 27-inch Ultramax triple-tube package.


Featuring a performance-first attitude, bold finishes, rich color choices, including a new white on white option, and powerful engine options on a robust 26-foot GTP Triple-Tube foundation.

AquaPatio pontoons deliver luxurious sport performance for the bold. Experience sophisticated and powerful boats designed to maximize every aspect of your day on the water. From relaxing to thrill-seeking, these boats provide unrivaled fun.

AquaPatio Twin

Make memories that last a lifetime on our Godfrey AquaPatio Twin. Built to last and engineered to stand the test of time, our AquaPatio pulls out all the stops when it comes to pontoon perfection.

AquaPatio Split Bench

Spacious and comfortable, our AquaPatio Split Bench models are available in 22 to 26-foot lengths with plentiful seating and an open center-deck from bow to stern.

AquaPatio Lounge

A variety of seating and lounging capabilities allow you to chill during the heat of the day and cruise the sunset after. Choose from 24-foot 12-passenger to 26-foot 18-passenger models.

AquaPatio Windshield

All the elegance, all the sport and all the protection of a sleek wrap-around windshield with walkthrough center access available in 26' 10" triple-tube configurations.

AquaPatio Sundeck

Enjoy every moment with your favorite people on our AquaPatio Sundeck model. Ensuring fun in the sun every day you're out on the water, you'll love this versatile show-stopper!

AquaPatio Entertainment

Enjoy making lasting memories on the water with your favorite people on one of our AquaPatio Entertainment models.

Elevate your time on the water with the all-new Monaco series where our enduring build quality meets enhanced finishes. Gracefully arched rails mirror the horizon line while a new custom interior delivers high-comfort with integrated high-demand features.

Monaco Cruise

Versatile and stylish, our 19 to 25-foot Monaco Cruise models offer room for more with L-shaped seating, a standard table to gather with friends and an extended stern swim platform. 

Monaco Sundeck

Simply too much fun for one, spend a day making boating memories on our one-of-a-kind 23 and 25-foot Monaco Sundeck featuring a center walkthrough design, rear water slide and optional mid-ship bar layout.

Monaco Lounge

Sometimes the best days on the water with family and friends are when you do nothing at all. Relax and stretch out with a Monaco Lounge model in 23 and 25-foot lengths.

Monaco Split Bench

The flow-through design, and expansive and versatile seating configuration of our Monaco Split Bench models are available in lengths from 21 to 25-feet with the ability to accommodate up to 17 passengers.

Monaco Cruise & Fish

You can do it all with the Monaco Cruise and Fish Model. These models are ready for fishing and fun with length ranging from 23 to 25-feet.

Monaco Entertainment

Chart a course for laughter and good times with friends and family aboard the Monaco Entertainment models. Featuring the ideal combination of lounge seating, midship table and lengths ranging from 23 to 25-feet.

Sweetwater pontoons offer a life-changing experience at a fantastic value. Filled with the high-quality features and alluring amenities you would normally find on more expensive boats, these action-packed, affordable pontoons are perfect for any family who wants to spend time together on the water.

Sweetwater Xperience

Experience it all with our Sweetwater Xperience. If you like to keep it carefree out on the water, this is the pontoon for you. Ranging from 20 to 22-foot lengths, the options are unlimited.

Sweetwater Cruise

Put down the welcome mat and kick off your shoes, there’s just something about a Sweetwater Cruise that feels right. Available in 19 to 24-foot lengths with nearly unlimited customization options.

Sweetwater Traditional Fishing

The Sweetwater Traditional Fishing model combines the treasured gift of family and your passion to fish in a pontoon where versatility, value and long-lasting quality come together in your choice of 20 to 22-foot lengths.

Sweetwater Cruise & Fishing

When it comes to the Sweetwater Cruise and Fish model there really is no wrong answer when pursuing your passion. Ready for fishing and fun in a variety of floorplans and lengths from 20 to 23-feet.

Sweetwater Split Bench

With comfortable seating from bow to stern in lengths from 20 to 24-feet, the Sweetwater Split Bench brings more families together for less.

Sweetwater Lounge

Come aboard and get ready for a slow-down. The Sweetwater Lounge model extends the best days of the seasons with versatility, comfort and features tailor-made for relaxation in 22 and 24-foot lengths.

Sweetwater Entertainment

Chart a course for laughter and good times with friends and family aboard the Sweetwater Entertainment model featuring an ideal combination of lounge seating, wet bar and table options in 21 to 24-foot lengths.


No gimmicks, no compromises, just pure, enduring Godfrey quality in a boat that delivers everything you need and nothing you don’t.

SR Cruise

Pure, focused and purpose-built, the SR Cruise is available in 17 to 21-foot lengths with a capacity up to 12 people and a maximum 150-horsepower rating.

SR Fishing

Get closer to the action with an open deck design and purposeful seating throughout including available bow and stern fishing chairs in your choice of 17 to 21-foot length decks.