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Windshield Pontoon Boat Layouts

There’s no mistaking the sleek, muscular style of our Windshield pontoon boat layouts. The wraparound design delivers protection from the elements and gives your boat a performance edge.

As the Wind Blows

Let the sparkle and blur of sun splashed water transport you and your guests. Enjoy the comfort and hushed rumble of the water from behind the sporty style of a Windshield model.


Walk This Way

With the convenient center windshield opening, you can choose from full port to starboard protection or create an open floor plan with easy center bow access.

Settle Into Your Oasis

Not only does a Windshield floor plan give your Godfrey a performance edge, it also delivers added comfort and reduces ambient noise creating an area of respite to converse or relax.

Dressed To Impress

Look fast even standing still. A Godfrey Windshield pontoon boat layout adds a touch of open road energy and acceleration with its sweeping form and purposeful design.

Available Windshield Pontoon Boat Models

Sanpan Windshield

Always moving, our Sanpan Windshield pontoon boat models are available in 3-tube, 28-foot configuration and delivers port-to-starboard wind protection.

AquaPatio Windshield

All the elegance, all the sport and all the protection of a sleek wrap-around windshield with walkthrough center access available in 26' 10" triple-tube configurations.

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