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The driving force behind our success has been our commitment to bringing together the best designers, engineers and craftsmen to create products that excite, thrill and spoil your family with exhilarating performance with the added benefit of increased stability and safety.

More flotation. Better handling. Faster to plane. Improved safety. More storage. These are just a few of the benefits that a Godfrey Pontoon performance package offers. The chambered triple-tube system, easy-planing tube extension, sport motor pan, full-aluminum belly skin, and aggressive lifting strakes all work together to give you more consistent control and superior handling at higher speeds.

Additional Center Tube

GTP™ is available with either 25” or 27” tube configurations. The added Center Tube enables larger horsepower ratings, higher passenger capacities and industry leading pontoon performance.

Exclusive Launchpad

GTP™’s exclusive Launchpad Transom increases the planing surface allowing for improved water flow to the engines resulting in reduced planing times.  

Power-Assist Hydraulic Steering

GTP™ includes standard power assisted hydraulic steering to give you better control with less effort at higher speeds with larger horse power engines. (Sanpan and Aqua Patio Only)

Extruded Spray Rails

GTP™’s exclusive extruded concave spray rails minimize spray to keep you and your gear dry.

Lifting Strakes

GTP™’s oversized 6” lifting strakes allow the boat to get up on plane faster, increasing your top speed and improving overall performance.

Under-Deck Shield

GTP™ Under-deck aluminum skinning improves water flow by shedding water away from under the decking, decreasing drag and increasing performance.

In-Floor Storage

GTP™’s optional center tube, in-floor storage conveniently and safely stows all your gear including skis, boat cover, and extra life jackets.

Triple Tube  Package Availability