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AquaPatio Split Bench

Spacieux et confortables, nos modèles AquaPatio Split Bench font entre 7,31 et 8,53 m (24 et 28 pieds) de long, ont de nombreuses places assises et un pont central ouvert de la proue à la poupe.


Sièges VIP disponibles

Call dibs on the best seat in the house! Our AquaPatio Split Bench series offers comfortable, Ultra-Soft-Touch lounge seating so the only thing you have to think about is where you're setting course today. Which seat are you claiming?

Passing on the water gene.

Passing on the water gene.

Caractéristiques et options

family relaxing on a godfrey aquapatio split bench pontoon

Made for Lazy Days

Slip-on the sunglasses and double-down on the SPF, the available stern lounge bench seating configuration delivers twice the relaxation with deep and lavishly appointed chaise style seating wrapped in your choice of Soft-Touch or Ultra-Soft-Touch rich-textured vinyl.

couple relaxing in the captain's chairs on a godfrey aquapatio split bench pontoon

Deux fois plus de plaisir

There is only one thing better than taking command of an AquaPatio Split Bench from the comfort of our purpose-built captain’s chair: doing it with a friend. Our available co-captain layout features an identical port located chair with 360-degree rotation, height and seat-back control and adjustable armrests.

integrated storage on a godfrey aquapatio split bench pontoon

Leave Nothing Behind

Bring everything you need for a perfect day on the water with friends and family. Abundant integrated storage is found throughout the AquaPatio Split Bench models including underseat, convenient large-door chaise, easy access helm with nearby USB charging port and under-helm with improved obstruction free access.

helm controls on a godfrey aquapatio split bench pontoon

Toutes les options!

Ajoutez de la commodité et une touche d’inspiration sportive à votre AquaPatio Split Bench avec votre choix d’un auvent électrique, d’une élégante arche en composite ou d’une tour d’action motorisée. Tous offrent plus de luxe et de commodité grâce aux commandes pour lever et abaisser d’un seul bouton à la barre.

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