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Monaco Lounge

Parfois, les meilleurs jours sur l’eau en compagnie des membres de la famille et des amis sont ceux où l’on ne fait rien du tout. Détendez-vous et détendez-vous avec un modèle Monaco Lounge de 7 et 7,6 m (23 et 25 pi) de long.

À partir de 76 175 $ PDSF (CA)

All Day Lounging Included

Let the rhythm of the water and the company of friends allow you to relax, recharge, and relish in the moment. Take it all in from one of our upscale loungers and never miss a beat when you're out on the water.

Features And Options

Passez au niveau supérieur

Live up the good times and enjoy cannonball after cannonball with your favorite people. Upgrade to our Stainless Steel Comfort Climb Ladder for added comfort on the water.

Better Together

Enjoy the best moments on water side-by-side with one of our Single Flip Lounge, Dual Flip Lounge, or Rear Lounge models where you can create the perfect place to catch some rays or simply catch-up with others. This Single Flip Lounge design allows you to relax forwards or backwards all in the comfort of Monaco’s plush cushions.

Storage, Seating and More

You won’t find a cluttered deck here. With space to bring along everything you need for a day on the water and more, the Monaco Lounge is flush with integrated storage and seating capabilities. Enjoy abundant underseat and chaise storage as well as a convenient USB charging port.

La nouvelle forme de contrôle

Notre barre intuitive de prochaine génération permet des mises à niveau en option ainsi qu’un accès sans obstruction sous la barre.

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