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Xperience Fishing

Amusez-vous avec l’un de nos modèles Xperience Fishing. Des rires et de larges sourires sont garantis.

À partir de 36 312 $ (CA)

Transmettre le gène de l’eau

Assurez-vous que chaque moment compte avec nos modèles Xperience Fishing. Les sourires et des souvenirs qui durent toute une vie sont la norme.

Caractéristiques et options

Steering the Course

The Xperience's redesigned helm is equipped with perfectly placed controls and an optional wireless phone charger mount to create a difference you can see and feel. Convenient, built-in storage and cupholders offer optimal accessibility to everything you need for a day on the water.

A Fisherman's Escape

Fish seats aboard Xperience Fishing models series offer fold-down, snapping and swiveling capability, allowing you to cast and reel to your heart's content.

Smooth Sailing

Smooth rail skins offer a sleek and modern design while you're out on the water. Available in Pearl White, Black, Charcoal, Navy and Oceanside with a standard Matte Pearl Graphic, the details make the difference on our Xperience series.

Fishing Features

Rods are always at the ready aboard the Xperience Fishing models. The stern-located combination rod and cup holders are deep, secure and within arm’s reach.

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