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AquaPatio Twin

Créez des souvenirs inoubliables sur notre Godfrey AquApatio Twin. Conçu pour durer et résister à l’épreuve du temps, notre ponton AquaPatio est le symbole de la perfection.

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Caractéristiques et options

two times the fun

Two Times the Fun

Enjoy two times the fun with our dual engine set-up. Built to last, you won't be disappointed with the power behind our AquaPatio series.

The best seat in the house

The Best Seat in the House

Take control with the Captain's Chair that swivels, slides, and reclines at your command.

Room for everyone at the table

Room for Everyone at the Table

Enjoy the best stories with your favorite peolpe all while cruising the open water. Invite the whole crew out for a day on the water and don't worry about whether or not you'll have enough space. Here, there's room for everyone at the table

pump up the jams
Pump up the Jams

You can't go wrong with our Powered Action Tower, add a few tower speakers and the whole sandbar will go wild, concert style!