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Sanpan Twin

Climb aboard one of our Sanpan Twin models for a ride like no other. Experience double the power unleashed on the water for a one-of-a-kind boating experience. Available in 27-foot lengths.

Elevate The Experience

Level up and treat yourself with one of our state of the art Sanpan Twin models. Undeniable luxury and comfort seamlessly blend to bring your favorite people together.

Caractéristiques et options

Shape Your Experience

Call dibs on the best seat in the house on one of our overly comfortable Ultra-Lounge or Split Bench seating configurations.

Moving On Out

Take your boating experience to the next level with a joystick control and Maneuver With Ease aboard one of our Sanpan Twin models. With power options up to twin 400's, the Sanpan's sport-infused style seamlessly blends with modern design, creating the perfect mix of performance and luxury you deserve.

Touche de commande

Notre barre la plus avancée et la plus intuitive combine la commodité d’un écran tactile de 30 cm (12 po) moderne de série et l’intégration pratique des jauges. Les boutons programmables au toucher doux vous permettent d’activer d’une seule touche vos combinaisons de jauges, d’éclairages et de pièces auxiliaires les plus utilisés.

Doublez le plaisir

Enjoy two times the fun aboard one of our Sanpan Twin models with our dual engine set-up. Built for optimal performance, you won't be disappointed with the power behind our Sanpan Twin series.

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